Our Favorite Films: A Tribute to 16 Years of Watching Movies with My Kids

Charlie Chaplin, Tramp, Modern Times
Charlie Chaplin in “Modern Times”

My oldest son is leaving for college tomorrow. He is so ready for this and so psyched. I am not ready at all. I’m happy for him, of course, excited, proud—all of that. But ready? Not so much.

This may seem to have nothing to do with favorite movies, but bear with me.

In three years, when our youngest leaves home, my husband and I will experience the more monumental transition to empty-nestdom. But the shift from a foursome to a trio feels pretty dramatic in its own right, and I wanted to honor it in some way.

Some people are surprised to learn that such a bookish family watches so much television. Continue reading

Excess is the New Dreary: Restoration Hardware’s Fall 2012 “Source Book”

"Restoration Hardware catalog", "Restoration Hardware Fall 2012 Source Book"
Pretentious much?

Last Friday afternoon, I opened my front door to collect my mail and discovered that the postman had left one piece of mail on the ledge next to our mailbox. The piece was so large it did not fit in the mailbox.

“What the hell?” I said (I talk to myself a lot when I’m home alone), and stepped outside to collect it.

Of course. Only Restoration Hardware would have the arrogance to send a mailing so large it doesn’t fit inside a standard mailbox. Continue reading