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  1. Naomi – thanks for sharing the details of your writerly journey towards book publication. I like your advice via Kevin McIllvoy to not send out your ms. into the world until it is the best you think it can be. That’s something I can try to follow.

  2. This book I heard about purely by accident. It was reviewed by BBC Radio presenter Simon Mayo on Monday 30th November, I was stuck in traffic on England’s M1 motorway returning from a family funeral. The review included an interview with Naomi Williams.
    I’m about 2/3 through, it’s brilliant. It was noted that the book was 10 years in completion, no wonder, the research needed for authenticity must have been awesome.
    This would make a brilliant factual travel documentary, movie or tv series. Any possibilities?
    Very well done, I await the next tome, maybe 10 years hence? If I live long enough.
    Michael Priest. RUGELEY Staffordshire England

    1. Thanks so much, Michael! I’ve never been so glad before to hear about someone being stuck in traffic! I agree the story would make a wonderful film or documentary. And I promise to do my best to finish the next book before another decade has passed.

  3. G’day Naomi. I’ve just completed reading your excellent “Land Falls”. Being Australian, the La Pérouse expedition was an important part of our early white history, that we learned about at school. I remember learning about the amazing & incredible coincidence of their arrival in Botany Bay just 5 days after the First Fleet. If it wasn’t for the tragedy in Samoa, they’d have beaten the English to Terra Australis and we’d all now be speaking French. Which wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

    I experienced many emotional moments as you brought to life so many people in varying walks of life. It was all so real. Although I know the individual stories were mostly fictionalised, I couldn’t but help think there was a lot of probable truth in them. I was so pleased that the final resting place of the Astrolabe & Boussole and the remaining crew, has been factually established.

    Thank you for bringing this tragic but awesome expedition so much to life.

    Ross Allan

  4. Naomi, Landfalls thrilled me. Shuffling between first and third person is such an exciting and absorbing technique of storytelling. You’ve got me thinking about my next book!
    My book, The Liberty Tree: The Stirring Story of Thomas Muir and Scotland’s First Fight for Democracy, is another 18th century tale involving vast sea voyages. Many thanks for such a great read and for the welcome inspiration.
    Murray Armstrong, London, UK.

  5. Greetings Naomi, Landfalls was brilliant and most enjoyable. Your extraordinary creativity and writing skill made an epic journey into a personal story. Don’t know if you ever came across “Life in A California Mission” by La Perouse. Tells what it was like to be an Esselen Indian under the firm hand of the radical monks of Junipero Serra. 95% of our People died during the mission period.

    My brother lent me your grand book; both my wife Susan and I fully enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks so much for your generous comment, John! And yes, “Life in a California Mission” was an important source for me when writing the Monterey chapter of this book. I’d read the La Pérouse portion of the book as part of the whole journal, but I found Malcolm Margolin’s long intro in “Life in a California Mission” to be incredibly helpful in putting the La Pérouse visit into the larger context of the history of the mission system and the history of the native peoples whose lives & cultures were so utterly disrupted by it.

  6. i am truly saddened to report i just finished landfalls. what a supremely great read. i loved your writing style, and you truly brought the characters and action to life and made them real. i hope that there will be many more books to follow. congratulations on a terrific novel.
    thank you.
    joe, martinez ca

  7. I’ll chime in too Naomi- I just finished Landfalls, and wow! This is an utterly breathtaking work! I am a voracious reader, I usually read at least 10 novels a month, and this is a book that will stick with me for a long time. The amount of effort you put into combining historical fact and probable truth is very evident! Also, extend my thanks to your husband, he sounds like a great guy!
    David B.

    1. Hello, David, and thanks so much for your kind comments! We’re a reading household over here but awed by how many books you read. And thanks for the shout-out to my husband; he was amused & pleased.

  8. Hi Ms. Williams, I’m currently reading Landfalls and wanted you to know how much I’m enjoying it. I purchased the book at a Sac Poetry Center reading you did. Little did I know what a gem I was getting. Thank you for a well researched and well written book.

  9. Naomi, I saw the historical fiction panel at the Bay Area Book Fest, picked up Landfalls, and read it with such great pleasure. I’m so impressed! You’re intrepid to have taken on such a sprawling project. Kudos for pulling it off so spectacularly. Loved all of the characters.

    I have a nonfiction book out, but I’m tackling my own historical fiction debut at the moment, so your accomplishment is particularly inspiring.

  10. An avid reader of all Patrick O’Brian Aubrey Maturin novels, I spied Landfalls two weeks ago in my library’s ‘new release’ display…Congratulations Naomi J. Williams…well done on your first novel!!!Escaped with this book to both shores of Long Island with page-turning anticipation; enjoyed every bit of Ms. William’s method of connecting her characters to the historical journeys of late 18th Century French-exploration…can’t wait for your next novel…

  11. Sped through your fascinating work and found it so much fun to think about the joy of all that research and the joy of applying your imagination to produce the novel. Lots of work too, I know. The story reminded me of the early British explorers to the South Pole who got there just after the Norwegians and then perished. My book club is the first group to have your books from the Davis Library ” Read Around Yolo” program. We are so pleased to be reading this fine work from our “homey”. Wishing you continued success.

  12. Landfalls is the best book I have read in ages. It completely hit the spot for me and I’ve been recommending it to anyone who will listen. I’m also worried I won’t find another book like it…but perhaps thats a good thing! Thank you for your time in researching and writing it. The La Perouse expedition is something I knew nothing about, not even heard of it before. I’m so glad I read this book by chance.

  13. Congratulations on a truly wonderful book. Would that more historical fiction could be as compellingly told, literature married to scholarship. For me, you are in the company of authors like Ivan Doig (The Sea Runners particularly comes to mind during the Lituya Bay episode), Amitav Ghosh, even Patrick O’Brien in bringing characters alive within their times and leaving one wiser as well as entertained. And as becomes clear near the end of the book, it’s remarkable this story could be told at all given the fate of the expedition. I hope you have another book that has commandeered you to be its author!

  14. Having never heard of you I was attracted by the cover art of the ship in distress. I love stories of exploration & sailing ships. Thanks for this book. I’ll be looking for more now that I I know your name.

  15. An excellent story or should I say “stories” woven together and brought to closure in the end, an end I never expected. But that’s your job. One question arose as I read the epilogue: if that was fiction, ok, but if it was part of the record, was a log recovered?

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting, Joe! As for the records, we do have Lapérouse’s journals up until the expedition reached Australia; he had copies sent home with de Lesseps, the guy who got off in Russia & went home overland with his box of dispatches. And we have all the letters they sent home from various ports of call (Concepcion, Monterey, Macao, Australia). But whatever they wrote or documented after they left Australia was lost with the wrecks, so what they experienced thereafter involves a lot of speculation.

  16. Hello Naomi. John McKinney here reporting in from Dog Lake,Battersea ,Ontario. I wouldn’t normally do this type of thing but your recent work requires at least a comment. I’m a songwriter and an avid reader. The ability to tell a relevant story and hold a reader is something I strive for. You have transcended the art form. The mechanics of your delivery simply blew me away. Hats off to you for your accomplishment and congrats on a masterpiece. Lots of respect,jm

  17. Hi Naomi! It was so wonderful to meet you at the Moxie writing retreat. Thank you so much for your insightful words. I’ve written “I am talented!” on a post-it for myself. 🙂 Darrah MacLean

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