My First Blog Post

I approach this, my very first blog post ever, with some trepidation. I’ve tended to look down on this medium as self-indulgent and contributing to the general mediocritization of everything. I haven’t really changed my mind about that. Most blogs are self-indulgent and mediocre. This one may be as well. But over the last couple of years, I’ve found myself saying every week or two, “If I had a blog, I would post about this.” So now I have a blog, and I’ll be posting about “this,” which is whatever I happen to be up in arms about at the moment.

A word about the image that currently graces the header on every page of this site: I took this image in Albi, France, in September of 2006, on a family trip. We’d gone to Albi so I could do some research about Jean-François de Galaup de la Pérouse, the 18th-century French explorer whose voyage is the subject of my in-progress collection of linked short stories.

One thought on “My First Blog Post

  1. Good for you, Naomi. Although I’ve been working on setting up my blog for over a month now, I don’t officially launch it until July 8, when I turn 61. So see, it’s never too late. I agree with you, blogging is hard. But to a writer of fiction, it’s a necessary evil. I’m already a fan, so keep up the good work. We writers need to support one another.

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